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About Genius Care

About Genius Care

Genius Care is a safe, warm and supportive environment for babies, toddlers, children and parents.

We provide working professionals with children age 3 months to 6 years old and educationally rich childcare, parent education and corporate relation support.

Corporate Childcare

A form of Childcare sponsored or managed by the employer. It may be a benefit or a part of the corporate social responsibility policy of the company. It will provide the working parents with an opportunity to find work-life balance.

Your People First

What’s your company’s most valuable asset? Your people. Attracting and retaining talent is an ongoing challenge for businesses. Make your company stand out by providing high-quality Corporate Childcare and early education for your employees’ children.


Employees say they would leave their jobs for one with more family-friendly benefits.

Childcare services decrease employee absences by 20-30%.

Only a handful of businesses provide Corporate Childcare, but top companies understand its value.

Employees at companies with on-site childcare feel more at ease and better able to concentrate.

Costs associated with losing an employee and training a replacement can be significant.

With access to high-quality childcare, working parents are more likely to view their employer positively, and work more hours.

Why Choose Us



We understand parents are very concerned about their child’s safety. Every day at our centre, you can be confident that your child is in the very best hands.



Through wildly creative, hands-on lessons, exciting learning activities and social engagement, you will witness your child grow wholesomely.



Our centres provide absolutely everything your child needs to be comfortable all day with love and comfort just like your home.



Under our care, we will monitor your child’s movements and ensure that they get our attention and support throughout their stay with us.



You no longer have to rush to send your child to your baby’s daycare, which may not be on your path to work.



Every activity is built to create a quality bond between the teachers and your child, and of course with yourself as the parents.

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