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Genius Care

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our philosophy

Do Things That Matter

“Childhood literacy and education is our passion and calling. We work hard and become good at what we do.”

We create a loving community of purposeful learning that focuses on the whole child; body, mind, and spirit.

To achieve this, we at GENIUS CARE provides safe and conducive environment, with experienced guardians and teachers to care and love your precious child so you can smile from the time you leave them until you take them home.

Our Core Values




Our Approach

Unique Solutions For Parental Care

Our daycare centers benefit both employers and employees. With our onsite daycare, you are worry-free, as you will have the comfort of knowing your kids are only a few steps away if they are needed.

Rushing your kid to daycare or to pick them up will be a thing in the past.

On the corporate side, research shows that onsite daycare like ours is crucial to employees’ retention in companies. In the survey, it was reported that 68% of people are more likely to stay with a company for 5 to 9 years.

No matter which way your corporate sale graph goes, or profit soars, family, after all, will always come first before work.

our hopes

Our Hopes

“We hope to be the facility which is committed to the families and clients we serve, by striving to provide peace of mind to parents, so as to make them feel good about their childcare choice, ensuring their children are safe and cared for, educated, and smiling and at the same time to be seen as a shining example of what a quality childcare center should be.

We believe that respectful and professional relationships are important. It is the very foundation of how we operate by providing our Corporate client the best quality of childcare which is measured by the quality of relationships we have with the children, families, employees, and stakeholders. We are committed to ensuring these relationships are respectful; warm and caring; honest and open; fair and equitable and to conduct ourselves in a manner that is professional and according to all business practices that are legal and ethical.”

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