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Genius Care

Our Approach

Genius Care

Our Mission

To create a harmonic environment for kids to stay and make a difference, learners assimilate completely, and parents will be at ease.

Genius Care

Our Vision

To become the best daycare in Asia that helps parents taking care of their kids when they got work to do.



Creative care for your kids



Ambitious to be the best



Always ready for the whole day



Kids will enjoy our daycare

our approach do things that matter
Our Approach

Rushing Your Child To Daycare Will Be A Thing In The Past

Our daycare centres benefit both the employers and employees. With our onsite daycare, you are worry free, as you will have the comfort of knowing your child are only a few steps away.

No matter which way your corporate sales graph goes, or profit soars, family will always come first before work, and with your child nearby, you can stop by and poke your head to check up on your children.

And for mothers who breastfeed your babies, it can be a sigh of relief!