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We Hire Teachers Who Care

They do more than teach. They nurture every child, paying attention to everyone’s unique needs. At GENIUS CARE, your child will find teachers who believe in them, who gives them the confidence to try new things and make new friends.

Here is why we believe our teachers are exceptional!


They are here at GENIUS CARE because of pure passion and patience, beyond the shackles of paper qualifications because teaching is their true calling. We see the strength that is written in their desire to make “good” become “excellent”.


They can be calm when drinks are spilled on the table and when the watercolour is all over the floor. They are there for the children who needs to be washed at the toilet, who needs to blow their nose, who needs a hug without a moment’s hesitation.


They don’t mind to make a fool of themselves, to be the clowns to make children laugh, but at the same time can be very firm to make children listen and be disciplined. They can make the children line-up going down the staircase while singing songs.

Teacher Sundra

13 years of experience

Teacher Siti

9 years of experience

Teacher Hashimah

14 years of experience